About Us

About A Mind to Care

Simon Gidney is the founder of A Mind to Care.

After a successful entrepreneurial career, in 2019 Simon Gidney sold the last business he founded and sought out a new business venture that would allow him to not only experience more quality of life, but also contribute more quality of life to others.

During his pursuit of this vision, Simon crossed paths with Scott, a man who, deeply moved by his father’s early-onset Parkinson’s diagnosis, left a high-powered role in the oil industry. Returning home, Scott witnessed the tremendous strain on his mother, after dedicating two decades to caring for his ailing father. Motivated by empathy and a desire to alleviate such challenges, Scott developed and patented an innovative activity therapy system in 2014, comprising games and entertainment designed to engage his father. This provided valuable respite for family members.

Unfortunately, in 2017 Scott was diagnosed with bladder cancer and suspended his new business. Fortunately, Scott is now cancer free. But the illness took its toll and he decided not to revive his business.

Recognizing the potential of Scott’s activity system to positively impact many lives – both those with disabilities and their caregivers — Simon approached Scott. With Scott’s approval, Simon took on the task of redesigning and marketing the system, rebranded as A Mind to Care.

Beyond their entertainment value, puzzles and games possess therapeutic qualities that enhance memory and overall brain function, particularly in the realm of short-term memory. For individuals grappling with dementia or Alzheimer’s, puzzles offer relief from symptoms, providing a comforting and stimulating experience that instills a sense of control.

A Mind to Care’s versatile game and activity therapy system facilitates social interaction, engagement, and evoke positive emotions. The activity system is tailored to address cognitive challenges and motor skill limitations. And since  the system operates without the need for a power source, it can be readily used in nearly every environment.

A Mind to Care’s commitment to enhancing the lives of individuals facing cognitive challenges propels us to expand our offerings. We invite your thoughts and suggestions as we strive to incorporate more games, puzzles, and caring aids into A Mind to Care, fostering a community dedicated to improved well-being.

A Mind to Care puzzle provides cognitively stimulating activities for those with dementia and other challenges