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About A Mind to Care

In 1988, Roger Silknitter was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. After two decades of living a relatively normal life, the disease finally began to take hold, making the most basic life skills, as well as daily activities, nearly impossible. Other than watching television, or trying to wander around the house, risking a fall, there was not much else for Roger to do.

During a visit, Roger’s son, Scott, realized that this new “lifestyle” was not only affecting his father, but also his mother, who was his primary caregiver, and Scott decided that he needed to try and do something to help. The challenge was to create engaging activities that Roger would be interested in that would fit within the limitations imposed by the disease. After making the first few Activity boards, Scott began contacting professionals for additional Activity board ideas. They all commented that there were more far-reaching applications than activities for just one man; the requests for new Activity boards kept coming.

Launched and marketed originally as the ROS Game Therapy System, Scott himself had to take some time away when he was diagnosed with cancer in 2014. Thankfully Scott is now cancer free, but the extended period of sickness prevented him from continuing to promote the Game Therapy system that he had invented.

A Mind to Care LLC was delighted to relaunch the Game Therapy system that Scott invented, originally to help his father as he struggled with Parkinson’s disease, and his mother as she struggled to care for her husband at home, and which rapidly proved to be such a wonderful tool to caregiving professionals and family members alike.

Our mission is to help as many people as we can by improving quality of life through entertainment and activities.