How It Works

How our Game & Activity Therapy System Works

Activities for Someone with Dementia and Other Challenges

The flexible A Mind to Care Game & Activity Therapy System provides seniors living with Alzheimer’s, Dementia, Stroke, ALS, and other forms of cognitive impairment multiple options for entertainment and activities. Many activities can be done together with family members and friends. Enjoying games and entertainment with others can help improve their quality of life and strengthen social connections for those with cognitive challenges.

Easy to Use Anywhere!

The non-electronic system requires no batteries or power source and is simple to use.  Light and easy to carry, the activity system can be used sitting in a chair, at a table, in a bed, or lying on the floor.

The system’s 4-sided, foldable, magnetic dry-erase boards have also been praised by pediatric occupational therapists for its versatility, allowing children to enjoy floor play on their bellies with a variety of games and activities including magnetic toys, games, and accessories.

Purchasing Options:

Game & Activity Therapy System

Starter System
$ 70
  • 4-sided magnetic, dry-erasable whiteboard, multiple posiitions
  • 3 magnetic, dry-erase activity sheets
    (your choice)
  • 1 set of dry erase pens
  • dry eraser
  • carrying case

Magnetic Dry Erasable Whiteboard

Buy Components Individually When You Want
$ 23
for Whiteboard
  • 4-sided magnetic, dry-erasable whiteboard, multiple positions
  • Purchase activity sheets separately*
  • Purchase dry erase pens separately*
  • Purchase carrying case separately*

Download & Print Activity Sheets

For immediate use and affordability
$ 7 per Set
  • file contains 15 different sheets or memory card per set
  • Order Online
  • Receive downloadable file via email
  • Print as many times as you like
  • other options available
Lowest Cost

Therapy System Components

A Mind to Care whiteboard flat


The four-sided Whiteboard can be opened out and used flat, giving two side-by-side magnetic dry erase whiteboards, on which anything can be written or drawn, and then wiped clean to be re-used again and again.

The Whiteboard can be turned over, then offering two additional magnetic dry erase whiteboards for further use.

Flexible Configuration:

Alternatively from lying flat open, the whiteboard can stand up like an easel. It can be set at an infinite number of angles or heights, making it easy for everyone to find a comfortable position.

In the easel position, it offers two magnetic dry erase boards, one on each side of the easel.

Weekly Planner dry erase sheet for use with A Mind to Care Game & Activity System
A Mind to Care activity system board and wordsearch provides cognitively stimulating activities
A Mind to Care board with gardening color ng image

Magnetic, Dry-Erase Activity Sheets

The system also comes with 3 magnetic dry erase sheets included.  You can choose from:

  • Weekly Planner
  • Wordsearch Puzzle
  • Gardening Coloring
  • Christmas Coloring
  • Plane and Boat Coloring
  • Ladybug Coloring
  • About Me
  • Mood Pointer

When ordering, you will be prompted to select which of the eight available magnetic game and puzzle sheets to include with your system kit.

Each of the magnetic sheets can be used with the whiteboard. And since the are dry erasable, the activity sheets can be reused over and over. Just wiped clean and reused.

You can even display finished drawing or weekly schedule to the refrigerator!


activity system whiteboard fits in our attractive bag for easy portability

Carrying Case

The Activity System comes with a zippered bag so you can easily transport the system with you. The polyester bag is scratch-resistant, waterproof, and has both handles and  shoulder straps.

The bag is available to be purchased separately as well.