How It Works

How It Works

The A Mind to Care Game Therapy System is a flexible activity system that gives the user multiple options for entertainment and different activities. The system can be used in a chair, at a table, or in a bed.

The system consists of a Folding Magnetic Dry Erase Whiteboard, individual Magnetic Game or Puzzle Sheets, an Eraser, and colored Dry Erase felt tip pens.

A Mind to Care whiteboard flat

The Whiteboard can be opened out and used flat, giving two side by side magnetic dry erase whiteboards, on which anything can be written or drawn, and then wiped clean to be re-used again and again. The Whiteboard can be turned over and this then offers two additional magnetic dry erase whiteboards for further use.

Alternatively, the whiteboard can stand up, like an Easel, and offers an infinite number of angles or heights, making it easy for everyone to find a comfortable position. In the easel position, it offers two magnetic dry erase boards, one on each side of the easel.

The system also comes with 3 slim magnetic dry erase sheets included. One features a Weekly Planner, which allows important daily notes to be written on the sheet, such as doctor’s appointments, medications, birthdays, household chores etc. This sheet can be attached too the whiteboard and used standing up as an easel, or laid flat on a table or bed. This sheet can be wiped clean at the end of the week and reused at the start of each new week.

A Mind to Care board and wordsearch

In addition, a second magnetic dry erase sheet is supplied, this time a Wordsearch puzzle, where specific words are hidden amongst a jumble of letters. The user can either look for the specific named words and encircle them with a felt pen when found, or search for specific letters, when prompted by a Carer. Once again, the sheet can be wiped clean after use and reused.

A Mind to Care board with gardening color ng image

Lastly, the system also comes with a third magnetic sheet, printed with a Gardening image, to be colored in. Once the image has been colored in, it can be wiped clean and reused.

Each of the magnetic sheets can be used in conjunction with the whiteboard, or can even be stuck to the side of a fridge!

We can also offer as additional items some more magnetic sheet designs and we are also always open to new suggestions – if you come up with a new idea for a magnetic sheet, let us know and we will see if we can create it for you!