Essential Oils

There is increasing evidence available that essential oils and olfactory stimulation* can have a positive impact upon both cognitive capacity and also upon our general well-being and wellness. These two issues are central to our mission at A Mind to Care.

Firstly, we aim to provide awareness, products, advice, tips, resources and help to Carers who are looking after people who live with Alzheimer’s, other forms of Dementia, Stroke, Parkinsons or any other kind of cognitive impairment, so anything that we feel may have a chance of improving or even restoring the tiniest sliver of cognitive capacity is something to which we want to direct your attention.

Secondly, we want to help Carers to look after their own health and wellness and, again, anything that we feel might have even the smallest benefit to a Carer’s health and wellness is something that we want to share.

We will not be making any specific claims of any kind here; all we want to do is to make you aware of the research, evidence, reports and general thoughts in the area of essential oils, aromatherapy, functional botanicals, and the benefits of olfactory stimulation upon cognitive capacity and general health and wellness. We will be writing about this from time to time, we’ll post anything  of interest  in our Blog.

*Olfactory Stimulation occurs when the olfactory nerve is stimulated by an odor (i.e. it detects an odor). For example, when a person smells a flower, the odor (chemicals) of the flower enters the nasal cavity and stimulates the olfactory nerve. The olfactory nerve then sends this sensory information to the brain.

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