A Mind to Care Console


The Console is the heart of the A Mind to Care Activity System. The modular design of the Activity System allows the User to slide different Activity Board inserts into and out of the Console, so the user can enjoy many different activity options, while seated in a bed, a chair, at a table, in a wheelchair, or just about anywhere.

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Features of the Activity Console:

  • Design allows for easy insertion and removal of A Mind to Care Activity Therapy System Board inserts
  • The Console is Hand-crafted in the United States.
  • Built from beautiful, warm, yet durable Baltic birch wood. The Console is beautifully and sustainably made and will look attractive in any house or home.
  • The Console can be used anytime; it can be used just for fun, or as part of an individualized client, or resident specific program.

Other Uses for the Console, based on suggestions from Contributors:

  • Convenience – the Console can be used as a serving tray for a meal. Place a plate in the main section of the Console; the Console walls will prevent slippage or spillage to floor.
  • Sorting Activity – place an egg carton in the main section of the Console, and place items to be sorted in the smaller section of the Console.
  • General Craft Activity – the Console can act as a self-contained Craft area. The side walls and the internal separator wall in the Console will create two separate areas of storage, to place and hold craft items for craft activities.
  • Woodwork Activity – the Console can be used to create a work area to place wooden objects, such as parts for a birdhouse, to be sanded, in the side section of the Console. The main area of the Console can be used as a contained sanding area, and the side walls will help stop dust from falling to the floor.
  • Assembly/Disassembly – the Console can be used to store components for items to be assembled, or disassembled and then re-assembled, keeping all parts together and to hand.

Additional information

Weight 35.4 oz
Dimensions 16 × 12 × 2.5 in


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