Peg Sorter Board


Activity Board: The Peg Sorter Board comes with 20 different colored pegs to insert into the corresponding holes in the board.  The board and pegs can also be used for a variety of crafts. A great activity for seniors!

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Handcrafted from the same beautiful Baltic birch wood as the A Mind to Care Console, the Peg Sorter Board provides a flexible and entertaining tool for a Carer based on either sorting colors, or making patterns.

How to Use:

The Peg Sorter Board comes with 4 different colored pegs designed to fit into the Sorter Board. Each of the corresponding holes on the Sorter Board has an identifiable color, one of the same 4 colors as the pegs. The 20 pegs can be tipped out of the mesh bag into the sorting section of the Console, and the player then selects a colored peg and inserts it into a correspondingly colored hole on the board, until all 24 pegs have been used.


  • peg sorter board
  • 20 sturdy colored pegs: 5 red, 5 blue, 5 black and 5 yellow
  • mesh bag

Other uses for Peg Sorter Board*:

  • Weaving: tie a ribbon, or yarn, to one peg, and then weave the ribbon through the other pegs
  • Art: Stretch rubber bands around pegs placed in the board to copy a design drawn on a piece of paper
  • Bow Tying: using ribbon, tie bows around various pegs
  • Sensory: the placement of the pegs into the Sorter Board can be a calming, repetitive exercise
  • Therapy: placing pegs into the correct holes in the board helps improve fine motor tasks and motor learning (pinching and grasping). The Peg Sorter Board can also stimulate cognitive activity, requiring categorizing and recognition. The exercise also increased hand dexterity and function and hand eye co-ordination

*Based on suggestions from contributors

Included with Carer’s Starter Kit and Care Facility Activity Kit.

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