Portable Essential Oil Diffuser


This portable, waterless, wireless, and rechargeable essential oil diffuser provides a pure and powerful way to experience aromatherapy! It uses nebulizing technology that creates a super fine nano-mist.

Special Offer: Add on Essential Oil with purchase of Diffuser for ONLY $5 more ($9.99 when purchased separately).

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This waterless, wireless, rechargeable essential oil diffuser is fully portable, it uses nebulizing technology to create a super fine nano-mist of essential oil.
It is completely waterless, so no water has to be added, or mixed in, and no cleaning is required. It powerfully transforms your favorite essential oil into a potent stream of mist, diffusing directly from the bottle.
As a special offer, when you purchase the diffuser, you may add a bottle of essential oil (Pure Lavender or Essential Oil Blend) for a discounted price of $5 (normally $9.99). Special price valid only as add-on option to diffuser purchase.
The pure and powerful way to experience aromatherapy!
  • rechargeable – up to 40 hours of use on a charge
  • high potency aroma with nano-mist nebulizing technology
  • cordless and compact – ideal for travel, your car, the gym, office or home
  • easy to use, and completely waterless – no need for cleaning
  • stylish, handy PU leather carrying handle
  • 3 potency settings
  • mists on intermittent mode – runs for a 1hr, 2hr, or 4 hr period
  • nebulizing technology produces a subtle sound when in use
  • can be used with any essential oils and is compatible with 5 ml, 10ml & 15 ml oil bottles – bottle screws directly into the diffuser

Included in purchase:

  • 1 x additional “spare” empty glass oil bottle
  • 1 x diffuser
  • 1 x USB C-type charging cable


  • Battery capacity: 200 mAh
  • Dimensions:2.85 inches x 2.85 inches x 4.1 inches
  • Weight:10.75 oz
  • Power:5V, 1A, Type C USB port, built-in battery
  • Waterless
  • Materials: Polypropylene (PP) and PU leather
  • Cord length: I meter


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