Small Craft Board with Metal Clip


The Small craft board is a multi-purpose craft board. It gives the user a firm surface to work on a craft, book, or puzzle of their choice.  The sturdy metal clip will hold papers, book, etc.

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Handcrafted from the same beautiful Baltic birch wood as the A Mind to Care Console, this blank Craft Board offers a multi-purpose, easy-to-use platform that gives the user a firm surface for the user to work on jigsaw puzzles, books, or craft activities while sitting at a table, in a recliner, chair, bed or pretty much anywhere. The Craft Board will accommodate a book or puzzle up to 11.5” x 10”.

The Craft Board is also fitted with a metal “Clipboard” fixture that allows the Board to act either as a clipboard, or to provide a way for a book, papers, newspapers, or drawings, etc. to be securely held on the Board during use. It is designed to hold various items in place, such as papers, or a book, while pens, markers or puzzle pieces can be kept in the Console.

Included with Carer’s Starter Kit and Care Facility Activity Kit.

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Weight 11.6 oz
Dimensions 10 × 11.63 × .2 in


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