We provide vocational and social opportunities for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Whether it is in one of our service hubs or at volunteer and employment sites throughout our community, we strive to offer a variety of options that create stimulating and rewarding environments for people we serve. It has always been difficult to find durable products that allow individualized skill development.

The Game Therapy System kits are the perfect answer for engaging people with varying levels of cognitive and physical abilities in activities that will help them develop and retain important skills. From simple sorting to challenging fine motor activities, these kits capture the attention and interest of the user. They are easy to use, easy to clean, and easy to afford. Perhaps the most attractive aspect of this system is that it avoids the “one size fits all” mentality. The kits allow options so that one kit may be used for many activities with a single user or for different activities with several users.
Adult Day Center
My mother had a massive stroke which took out two thirds of the right side of her brain 14 years ago. She has been in my care since. She still understands everything and comprehends fairly well. She is paralyzed on her left side and is in a wheelchair. All she has liked to do for the last 14 years is read, watch television, and push my buttons. She likes to travel back and forth from North Carolina to Maryland as well. She used to like to do crossword puzzles, but with the use of only one arm, it is quite hard for her to hold the book/paper still while she writes. I have to push her to do anything else. When asked if there is anything else she would like to do, her reply is usually, "No!"

After placing the Letter Tablet and Numbers Tablet in front of her, I now have something else for her to do which she has not done consistently in almost 14 years: writing. She took right to it. The letters and numbers are large enough that she can see them and the board small enough that it fits on the table right in front of her. She now likes to write her letters and numbers on the dry erase boards/tablets.
The Game Therapy System makes it easy for her to use. I can’t wait to get the rest of the kit and have my mother try the Peg Solitaire, the large peg board, and other parts of the system, especially the board with the strap to hold down a crossword puzzle book. In my years of experience of dealing with my mother, it has taken this long for me to say that I have found an absolutely fantastic system; one that an incapacitated elderly woman loves to use.
It makes my life easier and her’s more fun and rewarding. I can only imagine the improvement in my mother’s recovery and what she would be able to do today if she had access to this system for the last 14 years.
Pat's Mom
Daughter, North Carolina
The Game and Activity kits have been very beneficial for our residents. There are so many options of enjoyment with them. A resident said she really likes it because she can play alone or enjoy the kit during a 1:1 visit with family, friends, and staff. It is always nice seeing our residents enjoying themselves especially with these wonderful Game and Activity Kits.
Activity Professional
We have been using the Game System Starter kit. We have found that our residents love it. We have seen a lot of grandchildren along with residents’ own children playing games, coloring, doing crafts etc. Some, who have not done so in a long time, are now laughing and enjoying themselves.
I feel it will help a lot of people young or old, sick or well have a better quality of life. On behalf of Activity Directors, we thank you for never giving up and sharing this great system you made for your dad.

I would love to go with you sometime to show the product and to share with others just how this has already changed a lot of people’s lives.
Activity Directors
Dementia changes more than just memory. Communication and motor coordination are also changing throughout the disease making doing things together and having social visits very difficult for the person with dementia and their caregivers.

One strategy for improving our visits with people who have dementia is by using more visual cues and props to engage them in activities they’ve always enjoyed. In fact, I often tell family caregivers, “Don’t come empty-handed to your visit.”

The Activity boards offer a variety of functional activities that people with dementia and their caregivers can engage in together. When the visual cues of the familiar activity are combined with attention to the environmental set up and “go with the flow” communication of the caregiver, activities can be fun for all!

With the Game Therapy system, we can engage people with dementia in meaningful activities, create positive emotional connections, and help them maintain functional motor skills that would otherwise be lost early in the disease.
H McKay
Dementia Care Specialist
I believe in using the Game Therapy System to enable and encourage interaction between a resident and their caregiver. In our facility, we’ve found that it is a great tool for both providing meaningful activities and to augment therapy. It’s wonderful to see some of our residents playing games with their great and great-great grandchildren.
Board Certified Activity Consultant, Certified Nursing Assistant, Certified Dementia Practitioner